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General Info about Virginia – Facts To Note

General info about Virginia will help you in the moving process – it might even help you decide whether you want to move into Virginia permanently. Virginia, whose full name is the Commonwealth of Virginia and which is nicknamed Old Dominion and the Mother of Presidents, is found on the Atlantic coast of the United States. The state has produced a record eight American presidents.

Virginia’s recorded history started with the establishment of the Virginia colony, back in 1607. This was done by the Virginia Company of London and the colony was the first English colony in the new world, probably due to the proximity to the Atlantic Ocean. The state’s original inhabitants were the Native American tribes such as the Powhatan. The state of Virginia was one of the Thirteen Colonies during the American Revolution and it fought in the side of the Confederacy during the American Civil War. The original state of Virginia gave birth to present day West Virginia as the American Civil War was being fought. The state of Virginia boasts one of the oldest legislatures in America and the most effective one according to many rankings such as the one by Pew Center on the States.

Virginia’s area is 42,774 square miles, meaning it is the 35th largest state in the United States geographically. The state is bordered by The District of Columbia, Maryland, North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, West Virginia and the Atlantic Ocean. Anybody who wants to move into the state of Virginia can therefore travel by road or train, but those moving in from states that share the Atlantic coast can do so by sea.

The climate of the state of Virginia varies depending on where you are. It is warmer to the south and to the east and colder to the north and to the west. However, many parts of the state share the humid subtropical climate, although the climate is moderated by the Ocean and the Blue Ridge Mountains. There are regular thunderstorms in the state of Virginia, but hurricanes and other severe climatic conditions are not common.

A third of the jobs in the state of Virginia are in the service sector, but the manufacturing industry is also thriving. The manufacturing industries are involved in transportation equipment, chemicals, lumber and wood products among other things. The state of Virginia is one of the largest coal producers. However, agriculture, just like in the past, is one of the major economic activities in the state of Virginia. The state has one of the largest dairy industries and it is in the top ten in the country with production of various agricultural products such as tobacco, summer and sweat potatoes, turkeys, etc.

There are many moving companies in Virginia since it is one of the most progressive states in the United States and because there are many government institutions and agencies. The state of Virginia houses the Department of Defense, the CIA and some military facilities found in Hampton Road. Other reasons why people move into Virginia are the mild weather compared to the extreme cold weather in the north during winter months and the extremely hot weather in the south during summer months.

Anybody interested in moving to Virginia for any of the stated reasons should go online for online moving quotes from different moving companies in Virginia. From the internet, they will get general info about Virginia and ways to make the moving process easy.

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