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Moving Check List - simplifies the moving process

Moving check list is very important when you are planning your move; the check list will ensure that you do not forget to do anything that all everything is done in good time. The process of moving is everything but a one day affair. One has to plan way in advance if there is any hope of the process running as smoothly as possible. Ideally, one should begin the moving process at least two months before the actual moving date. This article will provide a break down of all the tasks that one needs to complete in the preceding 8 weeks before the big moving day

8 weeks before the move

1.It is always a good idea to create a moving file from the word go where you can put all the documents and details pertaining to the move. Keep all your receipts, estimates quotes and all other important documentation in this file and make sure that it is labeled properly.
2.The next step is to come up with a comprehensive budget for the move.
3.Start up on your research about the new area where you will be moving to. Most information that you may require is readily available over the internet.
4.At this stage, you should be having a floor plan of your new home

7 weeks before the move

1.Get together your medical records together and ask your doctor to refer you to a new doctor located where you are moving to
2.Have your children’s school records transferred
3.Contact your insurance agent and find out what policies are applicable and available

6 weeks before your move

1.Make a list of all the valuables that you would like to move with and start making arrangements to have them shipped.
2.Take inventory of all the things in your home in all the rooms
3.Start using up all the things that cant be moved like aerosols, frozen foods etc
4.Subscribe to the local newspaper in your new home and start reading up on the news and culture of that area

5 weeks before your move

1.Start getting together your packing supplies and start to pack the things that you do not really use often.
2.This is the time to select the move date; booking in advance will have you saving on your moving costs. A website like will help you to fill out quotes and get other information on costs involved.
3.Plan for storage either short or long term if you think that you will need it

4 weeks before

1.Contact the utilities company in your new area and schedule to have utilities in your current home disconnected after you move
2.This is the time to get rid of anything that you will not take with you through charity or a garage sale.
3 weeks before
1.Start the serious parking at this point
2.Arrange to have your new home cleaned for the day that you arrive

2 weeks before

1.Cancel any delivery services that you may still have
2.Service your vehicle if you will be travelling with it
3.Change your bank details with your bank and transfer any prescriptions that you may have

One week before

1.Double check to ensure that your truck is reserved
2.Separate the items that will be moved by your car and not the truck
3.Pack your suitcases with clothes, pay off any outstanding bills and remove any fixtures that you may be taking with you
A day or two before your move pay the moving company, empty your safety deposit box and give directions to your new home to the moving company. With moving checklist, the process will be simplified significantly for you.

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